Taste your wild side with our cooking experiences.

“George made the event interesting and didn't overload you with anything unnecessary.

The meal at the end made it even more special”

“It was a lovely and informative session, George really knows his stuff and is an engaging host. I saw a number of wild foods I have never encountered and came away with a goody bag of Wild Garlic”

Cooking lessons

We want you to get your hands dirty and get cooking your wild ingredients.

Learn about and create your own wonderful wild food dishes that everyone will enjoy and which will be full of goodness you can’t buy in the shops.

Contact us to arrange a private session at your home or at one of our sites around the South of England. Or check out our current events here.


Our Workshops walk you through recipes and techniques that will truly turn your kitchen into a hedgerow haven. We cover everything from brewing, fermentation, permaculture, growing mushrooms, to making your own preserves, sauces and store cupboard favorites.

Each Workshop is designed to give you the skills and experience to make the most of whatever you have around you, creating wonderful foods and medicines to be used all year round. 

Wild Picnics

Our Wild Picnics take you on a tour of a wild space with the opportunity to pick and process some wild foods to give you a brief introduction to eating and making wild meals out in the fields and forests.

Each picnic is curated to give you an educational tour of the area, culminating in a relaxed picnic that evolves with every season, letting you in on the flavours that are currently in the area you’re exploring. Check current events here or contact us to arrange a private lesson at your home or at one of our sites around the South of England.

Dining experiences

On our Dining Experiences we work with chefs trained in cooking outdoors to offer a range of events. From a formal pop-up restaurant in the middle of the woods to a more conventional indoor setting but using wild foods and flavours to create bespoke menus that will have guests reminiscing for years to come.

We aim to offer wild food dining that truly showcases and does justice to the childlike wonder we get to experience everyday when we forage – and we offer all this through the discovery of new foods and flavours that will challenge and delight your palate and mind. 

Contact us to arrange a dining experience at your home or at one of our sites around the South of England.