Better Biodiversity through deeper connection with nature.

On The Wild’s Side was started out of a need to respect and conserve nature. We do this through Foraging, Cooking, Conservation and Connection.

Led by George Linklater, On the wild’s side vision is to empower people to get out and build a relationship with their local environment whether for health, nutrition or peace and tranquility.

George Linklater uses his experience as a professional forager and conservationist to lift the lid on what is really happening all around us. Helping people to better understand the seasons, interspecies relationships, and how to overcome climate change challenges.

Meet George

Welcome to my world!

In a nutshell, I have been foraging and using wild foods for some years, initially for myself and then supplying the freshest foraged wild edibles to some of the country’s top restaurants, chefs and food establishments.

Now I want to share this passion and encourage everyone (yes you too!) to appreciate the significance of our native countryside, and learn how we can all enjoy and protect it for future generations.

I now work with landowners, communities and individuals to help promote the wonder of wildfoods, the importance of biodiversity, and the full potential of achieving a better equilibrium between people and nature.

I have rambled the length and breadth of the country from the Scottish Highlands to the moors and coasts of Cornwall, in search of new native edibles in an amazing variety of landscapes. I have featured on programmes like BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, following the journey from forest to fork.

“George makes going for a walk a completely new experience... a walk turns into a gastronomic feast.”

Join me on the journey, check out our walks or just get in touch to ask about workshops, conservation or consultancy.

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