Conservation & Landscaping

On the Wild Side has its heart in conservation and helping improve the biodiversity of our green spaces and countryside.

We work with land owners, nature reserves, local councils and private enterprises to help them work more harmoniously with the land, and to better it for them and for nature.

We can plan and plant permaculture gardens, educational and ornamental green spaces as well as food forests on your land.

We have teams of people who can do everything from design to digging and planting. Let us know what your dream is for your green space or get in touch to talk through any job no matter how big or small. We are always happy to help in any way that helps the wild grow. Connect Here


On the wild’s side manages a variety of conservation projects across the south of England.

Example site: Rodden Nature Reserve

This site in Somerset acts as a flood defence for the local town Frome. The site was transformed from fields into pristine wild wetlands in under 15 years. In the 5 years we have worked with the reserve we have helped manage the waterways (including managing a family of  beavers) . We manage the health and safety of the site as well managing small and large scale projects to maintain the environment and improve it for both visitors and wildlife. Work with us

Private Land Management

We take on projects all over the South of England to help people improve their own green spaces, from gardens to large estates.

We can work with ecologists and specialist teams so can advise and plan everything from encouraging more life into your space, planting, designs and landscaping that help improve this, to full or partial surveys of an area to help you decide what to do and what next steps to take. Connect Here